Perquè és la meva.

A heartfelt ode to the language and to the Telecom Company capable of uniting more than 10 million people around the world.

Same mobile coverage, same internet speed, same TV programs, than with any other big company. But soooooo different in service and treatment, than with any other big company.

Parlem needed a new positioning from which to connect emotionally with the entire population of Catalonia. At the same time Parlem wanted to communicate its strengh as a solid Telecom as well as its integral offer which is as competitive as any other operator. The idea is all about what best represents us. Our language, our culture, and among all the classics, the poem of the great Apelles Mestre is what best describes us better. To articulated the entire campaign, from feelings to reasons. From our raison d'être to our last offer of Fiber, Mobile or fixed.

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